Greetings from the limit.

Welcome, to a place that‘s different. Different from anywhere else. To all those who are ready for it: Start your engines.

We dare to challenge your laws every day. We exhaust them; we push them to their limits. Again. And again. And we are proud of it. Proud of the moment we floor the gas pedal; proud of the split second when acceleration makes us feel as if gravity didn’t exist. This is what drives us. To question everything. To not accept something only because it has always been like that. For what we achieve that way is incomparable. It’s an AMG.


Goose bumps always tell the truth. And that’s the truth we’re working for. Beyond all measurements, data, tests, and calculations, it is goose bumps that tell us when we’ve reached our goal. When the sound of the engine has turned into something you not only hear but feel. When acceleration stops being a physical quantity and turns into a key stimulus for the release of fireworks in your brain. When grip is not grip anymore but a confession of faith in the road. Then, an AMG really is an AMG. And even then, it is time to keep working. Because nothing is more AMG than to never stand still.


And we know how to make it feel overjoyed. We know how to turn every inch into something special, every bend into something unique, and every journey into a destination. To achieve that, of course, you need a close relationship with the road. You need a passion for the big picture and the smallest details. But, above all, you need one thing: an inner force that never once settles for anything. That’s how you create perfection ready to race. That’s how an AMG is made.


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Mercedes-AMG GT R: Fuel consumption combined: 11.4 l/100 km
CO2 emissions combined: 259 g/km
Emission Statement [1]